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Can You Benefit From an HR Audit?

Do you comply with Employment Law?
How are your employee files organised? Do you comply with current Data Protection regulations?
Are your salaries and wages reasonable, competitive and both externally and internally equitable?
Do you understand your responsibilities to regularly provide training and/or information to your employees on legally required topics such as Harassment & Bullying, changes to benefits, changes to company policies and procedures, etc?
Do you have difficulty attracting and/or keeping good, qualified workers?
Are you confident that your employees are aware of the work rules in your organisation covering items such as: attendance, absences, theft, intoxication, drug use, insubordination, confidentiality, harassment, etc?
Is absenteeism a problem for your organisation?
Is the quality of work or customer service in your organisation as high as it could be?

If you answered "No" or "Not Sure" to any of these questions, you might benefit from a consultation with GGS People Management

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